We care about children and believe they deserve the best chance for healthy development, access to learning, quality resources and a happy, successful life journey. If we can reach children when the greatest impact is possible, the chances that they will achieve those outcomes increase greatly. The Baby Connections® program educates and supports parents/caring adults in learning how to create meaningful and creative interactions that foster language, early literacy development and attachment in babies. It places quality resources directly in the hands of babies, and those who have the potential to impact these children most.

Research shows that exposure to positive experiences while a baby’s brain is developing is a predictor of future academic success and healthy development.

Did you know that the availability of reading material is a stronger predictor of academic success than socio-economic status?

The kit of resources that every baby who participates in Baby Connections receives is valued at $100 and is critical to the success of the program. If you would like to support this important program, please select your region below and make a donation to help more children in your community acquire the essential skills necessary for literacy growth. A gift in support of our Baby Connections program is a gift to help ensure more babies are set on a positive trajectory for healthy development, academic performance and success in life. Every gift truly counts and is more than appreciated.

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