Become a Program Partner

With a goal of providing the Baby Connections® program to all babies and families in Waterloo Region and beyond, we are always looking for new partners to deliver the program in their neighbourhoods.



Strong Start® Charitable Organization is a registered Canadian charity that helps children learn to read. Our organization is supported through financial donations from charitable foundations, service clubs, corporations, community groups and individuals. Strong Start works closely with its Program Partners to ensure that the messages in the Baby Connections® program align with the most current research in child and early literacy development. All kits of resources, training, branded promotional materials and administrative tools needed to implement the program at a site are provided by Strong Start.



Our Baby Connections® program has been specifically designed for parents/caring adults and young babies aged 6 to 12 months. The program’s goal is to provide education, practical strategies and coaching to empower parents/caring adults to support their babies’ healthy brain development and the development of language and early literacy skills at home.  Additionally, the program ensures that each child has access to quality literacy resources at home by providing a kit full of carefully selected materials for each baby participating. The program was developed in 2007, through the collaborative work of 17 community organizations and Wilfrid Laurier University, in response to an identified gap in early literacy support. Officially launched in 2011, Baby Connections® continues to expand each year. The program is delivered by program partners at more than 25 sites across Waterloo Region and Perth County. Trained Facilitators share the program’s key messages, easy literacy strategies and tips for using the materials in the kits. The Baby Connections® program runs throughout the year at various locations.


5 Core Beliefs of the program

  1. All parents/caring adults regardless of their literacy level, can engage in activities with their baby that promote early literacy and healthy child development.


  1. Parents/Caring adults will participate in early literacy development if supported with appropriate materials, knowledge and encouragement.


  1. Parents/Caring adults whose home language is not English can be supported to use their first language to help their child develop literacy skills.


  1. Community efforts to improve literacy can be more effective and efficient when all appropriate community organizations work together.


  1. It’s never too early to develop a love for literacy.



Strong Start provides kits of resources, training, branded promotional materials and administrative tools needed to implement the program at a site. Our organization also provides oversight and ongoing support for Program Partners and Facilitators, to ensure program efficacy and impact.