Baby Connections is a free community program that helps families develop their babies’ literacy and language skills and provides each family with a take-home kit of resources. The program has been specifically designed for parents/caring adults and young babies, 6-12 months of age. Baby Connections is delivered by our program partners across more than 25 sites throughout Ontario with Community Partners.

Parents/caring adults, with babies enrolled in the program, first explore the resources as they participate in a minimum of four group or individual sessions. Trained Facilitators focus on delivering key messages, practical strategies and coaching around the importance of early, meaningful face-to-face interactions and their positive impact on babies’ brain development, creating the essential neuro-connections for later language and literacy. Additionally, the program ensures that each child has access to literacy materials at home by providing families with a kit full of quality literacy resources for each baby participating.


Take-home Kits of Resources

The Baby Connections kits are critical to the success of the program. The materials are carefully selected for their educational value, safety and durability. They include developmentally appropriate books that stimulate the baby’s senses and language, engaging downloadable songs  and an interactive resource (such as a sensory ball or a puppet). Printed materials include a Tips and Resources booklet, a week-at-a-glance Fun Every Day reminder card, and two pamphlets, outlining milestones of baby and preschool speech and language development.


For more information about the program, please contact our Program Co-ordinator, Iwona Dmitrienko.