"My daughter loved the Get Ready for School program and learned so much in the last few months. I feel much more confident sending my 3-year old to Junior Kindergarten in the fall having completed this program . I especially appreciate all the learning tools sent home as well so she can practise her letter-sounds. I highly recommend this program to anyone. The fact that it is free makes it that much better! I will definitely be putting my son in when the time comes as well. Thank you Strong Start!"

Kristen Bennewies, Parent, Get Ready for School program

Strong Start's Get Ready for School program has been amazing. I was concerned prior to this program that my son wouldn't be ready for Junior Kindergarten in the fall due to a speech delay. This program has not only given me the confidence that he is more than ready for school, but my son is now talking and has taken more from this program than I could have ever imagined. He knows the sound each letter makes, can spell multiple words and can sound words out while reading. I am grateful for the teachers at Grow Community Centre for giving more than 100% to each class. I cannot say thank you enough!

Michelle Delahunty, Parent, Get Ready for School program

“My daughter is participating in the Strong Start program. She has made so many friends and learned so many new skills. She now tells me letter sounds and the other day in the car, she was looking at the letters in a book and making each sound to try to decode the word. Marvelous!”

Monica Albrecht, Parent, Get Ready for School program

“There’s no better way to say this other than you have given my son a Strong Start to life. Thank you.”

Fadhwa Yusuf, Parent, Get Ready for School program

“I have seen my son enter school this past September and have the confidence to participate in class immediately. Not only because he learnt his sounds, but also because he had a base of understanding of how the classroom operates and what is expected of his as a student from raising his hand, to lining up, to working with friends.”

Jennifer McDougall, Parent, Get Ready for School program

“My son has gained so many skills that will benefit him when he starts school in September. He is able to work in groups. He is always grabbing a book and wanting to read it, which we have incorporated into our nightly routine. He sounds out the syllables in words and taps his forearm with his fingers while he does it. He has made friends in the program and has improved his social and sharing skills.”

Nicole Boland, Parent, Get Ready for School program

“Our reliable volunteers make the program successful at the school. We have parents and grandparents who are Volunteer Coaches who don’t have children in the program, but are committed to and passionate about literacy and working with children.”

Monica A., Parent, Get Ready for School program