Claire absolutely loved the book

I first heard about the Baby Connections program through a friend, when I was about nine months into my maternity leave. My daughter, Claire, was one of the older babies enrolled in the program at the Early Years Centre. Baby Connections is a wonderful opportunity for parents to learn how they can promote their children’s early literacy development.

As a parent, I found the focus on early literacy particularly helpful. My husband and I were already reading to her at home, but the program helped me understand what markers and milestones to look for on my child’s developmental journey. For example, when Claire turns the page of a book we’re reading, her ability to do so is a precursor to reading. Tips like these were a way for me to know she was developing at pace. Claire absolutely loved the book we received at the end of each class. The book with the baby faces is her all-time favourite. When her grandparents visited, she would share the book with them and point to the baby’s eyes, nose, ears, etc. when asked. That book has been read so many times, it is now held together with tape!

I strongly encourage parents to sign up for Baby Connections. The program will benefit both you and your baby. It gets you out of the house and into a supportive environment with other parents. If that’s not enough, you also get a book at the end of each session. I still can’t believe that such a powerful program is free!