Sandra Merritt’s Perspective as a Kindergarten Teacher

I would like to share my extreme satisfaction with being involved with the Letters, Sounds and WordsTM program for the past five years. The first time I read about this program through our school board’s email, I knew it was what we needed at our school to help our young struggling students. I have been teaching kindergarten in Dunnville for more than 14 years and have found that there is very little one-to-one time that a teacher can spend with struggling students.

Volunteers who are trained to deliver the Letters, Sounds and Words program have been a true blessing! The volunteers can provide that uninterrupted half hour of one-to-one time, to get truly immersed in playing letter games and word games. The students look forward to seeing their school helper. The volunteers take their roles seriously, as they demonstrate dedication and perseverance to help these youngsters learn to read.

The volunteers feel rewarded when their students show growth and achievement. The students feel satisfaction and self-confidence, and the home room teachers and administrators are so happy to see the gains that have been made. When parents start to see their child grow and develop their literacy skills through this program, they ask for the child to continue with it.

The Letters, Sounds and Words program is incredibly valuable for everyone involved. Thank you Strong Start for giving our youngest learners that initial boost to grow into literate, productive citizens.