Summary of 2022-2023 Results

  • The program was offered in 33 sites  across Waterloo Region, Bruce Grey, Elgin, Middlesex, and Oxford.
    • 844 families participated in the Baby Connections program.
    • 847 babies received a complete Baby Connections kit to take home. (Three families with twins received a kit for each baby.)
    • Participants included babies between 6-12 months of age, parents, grandparents, ESL families and families from low socio-economic backgrounds.
    • The program was also delivered one-on-one by trained Facilitators who implement the Region of Waterloo Public Health’s Healthy Babies Healthy Children program (screens all new births and supports those deemed at high-risk with at-home visits) and the Infant and Child Development program (provides services for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers at risk of or who are experiencing developmental delay).
    • Project READ (provides proactive family literacy programming for families receiving Ontario Works –OW provincial income support and Ontario Disability Support Program –ODSP) also offered the program to their families with young babies.


  • Data analysis for the 2022-2023 program year is based on the 396 submitted forms, indicating a 45% completion rate. The analysis of the responses clearly shows the impact of the program.
    • 97% of participants increased their literacy awareness, with 92% indicating they learned a lot in the program.
    • 99% of participants changed their literacy habits after attending the program, with 91% indicating they made many changes.
    • 99% of participants feel they are more informed about where to seek help, with 92% indicating they learned a lot about where to seek help.
    • 94% parents/caring adults indicated they use the materials from the Baby Connections Kit with their baby at least 1-2 times per week, with 73% indicating they use them daily, multiple times per day.

Feedback from Parents/Caring Adults

Parents/caring adults shared with us that they are reading, singing and playing with their babies more. Enriched bonding is occurring during these meaningful face-to-face interactions and parents/caring adults feel they know more about how to engage with their babies and help them learn. Here are several testimonials to illustrate the impact of this year’s program:

“I am verbalizing more of what we do at home – talking a lot at home, spending more one-on-one time together with the baby. We read more books too.”

“We are reading and singing more consistently. Making reading part of our nightly routine.”

“We are now reading books in different ways together including daddy. Have lots of quality of time with our son.”

“I am definitely paying more attention to our daily routine and making/creating more learning experiences from our everyday habits.”

To read the full report, visit:BC2023 – Executive Summary