Letters, Sounds and Words Program


  • Overall 95% of the children made significant, excellent or outstanding gains.
  • Enrollment: 2531 children were enrolled in the Fall and Spring sessions.
  • The program is designed as a ten week program. Data for children who completed 8 or more weeks of the program is included.
  • Schools: 170 schools are included in this summary with an average of 14.9 children per school
  • Volunteer Hours: Approximately 1962 volunteers worked 31753.25 hours to implement this session.

Groups of children served this session

  • Target: 75% of the children are thought to be the type of child who just needs extra attention for a short period of time
  • Resource Support: 17% of the children are those who professionals predict may need extra support from resources within the school for another year or two only
  • ESL/ELL: 8% of the children are included in the “English as a second language factor” group

Anecdotal Evidence

Many very positive outcomes occurred for children, families and the Volunteer Coaches involved in Strong Start. These successes go beyond the statistics and are captured in the testimonials of personal experiences and observations.

Notes: In the Fall the majority of children are in grade one. In the Spring the majority of children are in senior kindergarten. For more details on the assessment data, see the charts on the following pages.