Did you know? Interesting facts and statistics about childhood literacy in Canada.

  • 25% of children in Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 are reading below their grade level. (National Strategy for Early Learning Full Report, 2009)
  • The age period of 6 to 12 months is a critical time for an infant’s brain development. (Zero to Three Early Language and Literacy)
  • 1 in every 4 Canadian children entering Grade 1 is significantly behind his or her peers and poorly prepared to learn (National Strategy for Early Learning Summary Report, 2009)
  • Without special help, students experiencing reading difficulties by the end of Grade 1 almost never achieve average reading skills scores by the end of primary school (Torgensen, 2004).
  • Almost 40% of Canadian youth do not have adequate literacy skills. (TD Canada Trust, Literacy Matters: A Call to Action)
  • By age 3, children in low-income homes will have heard 1/3 as many words as children in middle-high income homes. By the time of school entry, this number is closer to 50%. (Early Years Study 3)
  • A 1 % increase in literacy in our population could boost our national income by $32 billion. (TD Canada Trust, Literacy Matters: A Call to Action)
  • Studies show a child’s vocabulary at age 5 is a predictor of vocabulary at age 17. Intervention prior to age five can change a child’s vocabulary acquisition trajectory.