Currently, the Letters, Sounds and Words™ program is run in partnership with the a number of school boards, First Nations, Inuit and Métis schools, culture/faith-based private schools and schools for children with special needs. Strong Start is looking to expand into new regions in Ontario that are not currently being served with this program.

To find the location nearest you, refer to the map below.

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Blessed Sacrament C.E.S Burford519-449-2984
Christ the King C.E.S. Brantford519-759-4211
Holy Cross C.E.S. Brantford519-756-5032
Holy Family C.E.S. Paris519-442-5333
Jean Vanier C.E.S. Brantford519-753-5283
Notre Dame C.E.S. Brantford519-756-2288
Our Lady of Fatima C.E.S. Courtland519-688-0049
Our Lady of Providence C.E.S. Brantford519-758-5056
Resurrection School Brantford519-752-5900
Sacred Heart C.E.S. Langton519-875-2556
Sacred Heart C.E.S. Paris519-442-4443
St. Basil C.E.S.Brantford519-752-4111
St. Bernard of Clairvaux C.E.S. Waterford519-443-8607
St. Cecilia C.E.S. Port Dover519-583-0231
St. Frances Cabrini C.E.S. Delhi519-582-2470
St. Gabriel C.E.S. Brantford519-756-4706
St. Joseph's C.E.S. Simcoe519-426-0820
St. Leo C.E.S. Brantford519-759-3314
St. Mary's C.E.S. Hagersville905-768-5151
St. Michael's C.E.S. Dunnville905-774-6052
St. Michael's C.E.S. Simcoe519-426-5462
St. Patrick C.E.S. Brantford519-759-03810
St. Patrick's C.E.S. Caledonia905-765-4626
St. Peter's C.E.S. Brantford519-752-1611
St. Pius X C.E.S. Brantford519-753-6422
St. Stephen's C.E.S. Cayuga905-772-3863
St. Theresa C.E.S. Brantford519-753-8953
Holy Family C.E.S. Hanover519-364-2760
Immaculate Conception C.E.S. Formosa519-367-2900
Mary Immaculate C.E.S. Chepstow519-366-2731
Notre Dame C.E.S. Owen Sound519-371-0161
Sacred Heart C.E.S. Mildmay519-367-2685
Sacred Heart C.E.S. Teeswater519-392-6854
St. Anthony's C.E.S. Kincardine519-396-4330
St. Basil's C.E.S. Owen Sound519-376-9369
St. Joseph's C.E.S. Port Elgin519-389-5495
St. Peter's & St. Paul's C.E.S. Bradford519-369-2932
St. Teresa of Calcutta C.E.S. Walkerton519-881-1852
Agnes G. Hodge P.S. Brantford519-756-4950
Banbury Heights P.S.Brantford519-751-0142
Bellview P.S. Brantford519-752-7414
Bloomsburg P.S. Waterford519-426-0942
Boston P.S. Waterford519-443-5003
Branlyn Community School Brantford519-759-7240
Brier Park P.S. Brantford519-759-8682
Burford P.S.Burford519-449-2457
Caledonia Centennial P.S. Caledonia905-765-4860
Cedarland P.S. Brantford519-752-9610
Centennial-Grand Woodlands P.S. Brantford519-759-4570
Central P.S. Brantford519-752-8819
Cobblestone P.S.Paris519-442-2500
Courtland P.S. Courtland519-688-2110 x5290000
Delhi P.S.Delhi519-582-1890
Echo Place School Brantford519-753-2931
Ecole Confederation School Brantford519-751-2891
Ecole Dufferin P.S. Brantford519-752-8232
Elgin Avenue P.S. Simcoe519-426-4628
Glen Morris P.S. Glen Morris519-740-2133 x119000
Graham Bell - Victoria P.S.Brantford519-752-4723
Grandview P.S. Brantford519-752-1422
Greenbrier P.S. Brantford519-756-5173
Hagersville P.S. Hagersville905-768-3012
Houghton P.S. Langton519-875-2291
J. L. Mitchener P.S. Cayuga905-772-5071
James Hillier P.S. Brantford519-752-2296
Jarvis P.S. Jarvis519-587-2612
King George P.S. Brantford519-752-7486
Lakewood Elementary P.S. Port Dover519-583-0830 x542000
Langton P.S. Langton519-875-4448
Lansdowne-Costain P.S. Brantford519-753-0390
Lynndale Heights P.S. Simcoe519-429-2997
Major Ballachey P.S. Brantford519-752-1643
Mapleview Elementary School Dunnville(905) 774-6144
Mt. Pleasant P.S.Mt. Pleasant519-484-2912
North Ward P.S.Paris519-442-2311
Oakland-Scotland P.S.Scotland519-446-2365
Oneida Central P.S. Caledonia905-765-4700
Onondaga Brant P.S. Brantford519-753-8885
Paris Central P.S.Paris519-442-4163
Port Rowan P.S. Port Rowan519-586-3541
Prince Charles P.S.Brantford519-752-9687
Princess Elizabeth P.S. Brantford519-753-2910
Rainham Central P.S.Fisherville905-779-3404
River Heights P.S. Caledonia905-765-5437 x7330000
Russell Reid-Coronation P.S. Brantford519-753-7727
Ryerson Heights P.S. Brantford519-752-8814
Seneca Central P.S. York905-772-5222
St. George-German SchoolSt. George519-448-1493
Teeterville P.S.Teeterville519-443-8447 x5190000
Thompson Creek P.S. Dunnville905-774-5460
Walpole North P.S. Hagersville905-768-5112
Walsh P.S. Simcoe519 426-3716
Walter Gretzky School Brantford519-770-1288
Waterford P.S. Waterford519-443-8942
West Lynn P.S. Simcoe519-426-0688
Woodman-Cainsville P.S. Brantford519-756-5013
Adelaide Hoodless P.S. Hamilton905-549-1339
Bennetto P.S. Hamilton905-528-6341
Cecil B. Stirling P.S. Hamilton905-385-5374
Central P.S. Hamilton905-522-9690
Hess Street P.S. Hamilton905-527-1439
Lawfield P.S. Hamilton905-383-8833
Richard Beasley P.S. Hamilton905-387-5655
Templemead P.S. Hamilton905-383-8348
Winona P.S. Stoney Creek905-643-4141
Braemar House School Brantford519-753-2929
Brantford Christian School Brantford519-752-0433
Brantford Public Library Brantford519-756-2220
Central Baptist Academy Brantford519-754-4806
Emily C General Elementary School Ohsweken519-445-4665
I.L. Thomas Odadrihonyanita Elementary School Ohsweken519-445-0433
J.C. Hill Elementary School Six Nations Ohsweken519-445-2256
Jamieson Elementary School Ohsweken519-445-2232
KidsAbility SchoolCambridge519-886-8886
KidsAbility SchoolWaterloo519-886-8886
Koinonia Christian Academy Bloomingdale519-744-7447
Laurentian Hills Christian SchoolKitchener519-576-6700
Lloyd S. King School Hagersville905-768-3222
MAC Maple Grove School Kitchener226-647-8500
Oliver M. Smith Kawenni:io Elementary School Ohsweken519-445-0078
W. Ross MacDonald School for the Blind Brantford519-759-0730
A.J. Baker P.S. Kintore519-283-1098
Aberdeen P.S. London519-452-8010
Adelaide-WG MacDonald P.S. Strathroy519-247-3369
Aldborough P.S. Rodney519-785-0811
Annandale P.S. Tillsonburg519-688-3498
Arthur Ford P.S. London519-452-8020
Caradoc P.S. Mount Brydges519-264-1630
Eagle Heights P.S. London519-452-8460
East Williams Memorial P.S. Ailsa Craig519-232-4505
Emily Stowe P.S. Norwich519-468-0201
Forest Park P.S. St. Thomas519-631-3563
John P. Robarts P.S. London519-452-8270
June Rose Callwood P.S. St Thomas519-631-5010
Locke's P.S. St Thomas519-631-8890
Lord Nelson P.S. London519-452-8320
Northbrae P.S. London519-452-8420
Parkhill-West Williams P.S. Parkhill519-294-1117
Port Burwell P.S. Port Burwell519-874-4558
Port Stanley P.S.Port Stanley519-782-3983
Prince Charles P.S. London519-452-8470
Princess Elizabeth P.S. London519-452-8490
Sir G. E. Cartier P.S. London519-452-8550
Sir John A. Macdonald P.S. London519-452-8570
Southside P.S. Woodstock519-539-1131
Stoney Creek P.S. London519-850-8698
Straffordville P.S. Straffordville519-886-3021
Tweedsmuir P.S. London519-452-8620
West Nissouri P.S. Thorndale519-461-9575
Wilberforce P.S. Lucan519-227-2185
Woodland Heights P.S. London519-452-8710
Blessed Mother Teresa C.E.S.Cambridge519-624-7115
Blessed Sacrament C.E.S. Kitchener519-745-5950
Canadian Martyrs C.E.S. Kitchener519-578-7579
Christ The King C.E.S. Cambridge519-621-6680
Holy Family C.E.S. New Hamburg519-662-1734
Holy Rosary C.E.S. Waterloo519-747-9005
Holy Spirit C.E.S. Cambridge519-621-8973
John Sweeney C.E.S. Kitchener519-579-5212
Monsignor R. M. Haller C.E.S.Kitchener519-579-1230
Our Lady of Fatima C.E.S.Cambridge519-658-4041
Our Lady of Grace C.E.S.Kitchener519-745-3961
Our Lady of Lourdes C.E.S. Waterloo519-886-4810
Saint John Paul II C.E.S.Kitchener519-742-7378
Sir Edgar Bauer C.E.S.Waterloo519-884-8480
St. Agnes C.E.S.Waterloo519-885-3180
St. Aloysius C.E.S. Kitchener519-893-5830
St. Anne C.E.S. Cambridge519-621-8920
St. Anne C.E.S. Kitchener519-745-7847
St. Augustine C.E.S.Cambridge519-740-3530
St. Bernadette C.E.S.Kitchener519-743-1541
St. Boniface C.E.S.Maryhill519-648-2832
St. Brigid C.E.S. Ayr519-632-5101
St. Clement C.E.S.St. Clements519-699-5271
St. Daniel C.E.S.Kitchener519-893-8801
St. Dominic Savio C.E.S.Kitchener519-576-5503
St. Elizabeth C.E.S. Cambridge519-651-0400
St. Francis of Assisi C.E.S.Cambridge519-621-0371
St. Gabriel C.E.S. Cambridge519-658-2008
St. Gregory C.E.S.Cambridge519-621-6770
St. John's C.E.S. Kitchener519-579-0890
St. Joseph C.E.S. Cambridge519-653-4482
St. Luke C.E.S.Waterloo519-884-4912
St. Margaret of Scotland C.E.S. Cambridge519-622-6100
St. Mark C.E.S.Kitchener519-743-4682
St. Matthew C.E.S. Waterloo519-886-9311
St. Michael C.E.S. Cambridge519-653-3351
St. Nicholas C.E.S.Waterloo519-884-9198
St. Paul C.E.S. Kitchener519-743-4401
St. Peter C.E.S. Cambridge519-621-5211
St. Teresa C.E.S. Kitchener519-743-2131
St. Teresa of Avila C.E.S. Elmira519-669-8843
St. Timothy C.E.S.Kitchener519-748-1874
St. Vincent de Paul C.E.S. Cambridge519-740-0678
A.R. Kaufman P.S. Kitchener519-745-7312
Abraham Erb P.S.Waterloo519-747-7694
Alpine P.S.Kitchener519-743-4338
Avenue Road P.S.Cambridge519-623-0860
Ayr P.S.Ayr519-632-7424
Baden P.S.Baden519-634-9320
Blair Road P.S.Cambridge519-621-5620
Breslau P.S.Woolwich519-648-2242
Bridgeport P.S.Kitchener519-743-4318
Brigadoon P.S. Kitchener519-895-2353
Cedar Creek P.S.Ayr519-632-5255
Cedarbrae P.S. Waterloo519-884-4940
Centennial P.S. Cambridge519-658-5121
Central P.S. Cambridge519-623-0940
Chalmers Street P.S. Cambridge519-623-0950
Chicopee Hills P.S. Kitchener519-896-6090
Clemens Mill P.S. Cambridge519-740-2364
Conestogo P.S.Conestogo519-664-3773
Coronation P.S.Cambridge519-653-1141
Country Hills P.S.Kitchener519-743-6331
Crestview P.S. Kitchener519-893-1140
Driftwood P.S.Kitchener519-744-7273
Edna Staebler P.S. Waterloo519-880-2646
Elizabeth Ziegler P.S. Waterloo519-742-4402
Empire P.S.Waterloo519-742-8375
Floradale P.S.Floradale519-669-5194
Forest Glen P.S. New Hamburg519-662-2830
Forest Hill P.S.Kitchener519-578-5480
Franklin P.S. Kitchener519-893-1334
Glencairn P.S. Kitchener519-742-0849
Grand View P.S. Cambridge519-653-3611
Grandview P.S. New Hamburg519-662-1881
Hespeler P.S. Cambridge519-658-4691
Highland P.S.Cambridge519-621-9981
Hillcrest P.S.Cambridge519-658-5187
Howard Robertson P.S. Kitchener519-748-6161
J. F. Carmichael P.S.Kitchener519-578-8450
J. W. Gerth P.S. Kitchener519-896-4159
Janet Metcalfe P.S. Kitchener519-514-0105
Jean Steckle P.S.Kitchener519-748-1919
John Darling P.S.Kitchener519-749-0834
John Mahood P.S. Elmira519-669-5153
Keatsway P.S. Waterloo519-886-1650
King Edward P.S.Kitchener519-578-0220
Lackner Woods P.S.Kitchener519-894-1150
Laurelwood P.S.Waterloo519-884-9999
Lester B. Pearson P.S.Waterloo519-880-0300
Lexington P.S.Waterloo519-747-3314
Lincoln Heights P.S.Waterloo519-884-4010
Linwood P.S. Linwood519-698-2680
Mackenzie King P.S.Kitchener519-745-8694
Manchester P.S.Cambridge519-621-8240
Mary Johnston P.S.Waterloo519-747-1620
Meadowlane P.S.Kitchener519-579-5030
Millen Woods P.S.Waterloo519 725-4221
Moffat Creek P.S.Cambridge519-620-1661
N. A. MacEachern P.S.Waterloo519-885-1731
New Dundee P.S.New Dundee519-696-2296
Northlake Woods P.S. Waterloo519-885-1115
Pioneer Park P.S.Kitchener519-748-0142
Preston P.S.Cambridge519-653-0387
Prueter P.S. Kitchener519-578-0910
Queen Elizabeth P.S. Kitchener519-578-3910
Riverside P.S. Elmira519-669-5417
Rockway P.S.Kitchener519-576-5730
Ryerson P.S. Cambridge519-653-5532
Saginaw P.S.Cambridge519-624-7111
Sandhills P.S.Kitchener519-744-4430
Sandowne P.S. Waterloo519-884-4800
Sheppard P.S.Kitchener519-578-5920
Silverheights P.S.Cambridge519-658-9023
Sir Adam Beck P.S.Baden519 634 8757
Smithson P.S.Kitchener519-578-3890
Southridge P.S.Kitchener519-576-0940
St. Jacobs P.S. St. Jacobs519-664-2272
Stewart Ave. P.S. Cambridge519-621-4171
Suddaby P.S. Kitchener519-578--3840
Tait Street P.S. Cambridge519-621-7621
Trillium P.S. Kitchener519-743-6368
Vista Hills P.S. Waterloo519-884-4411
W. T. Townshend P.S. Kitchener519-579-1160
Waterloo Region District School BoardKitchener
Westmount P.S. Kitchener519-578-5430
Westvale P.S. Waterloo519-746-6724
Wilson Avenue P.S.Kitchener519-893-7050
Winston Churchill P.S.Waterloo519-884-3722
Woodland Park P.S.Cambridge519-654-9402
Holy Trinity C.E.S. Guelph519-821-0156
Mary Phelan C.E.S. Guelph519-821-1060
Sacred Heart C.E.S. Guelph519-824-2751
Sacred Heart C.E.S. Rockwood519-856-1157
St. Francis of Assisi C.E.S. Guelph519-821-9160
St. Ignatius of Loyola C.E.S.Guelph519-822-6192
St. John C.E.S. Arthur519-848-2445
St. John C.E.S. Guelph519-824-4710
St. John de Brebeuf C.E.S. Erin519-833-9994
St. Joseph C.E.S. Fergus519-843-3810
St. Joseph C.E.S. Guelph519-836-2671
St. Mary C.E.S. Elora519-846-9921
St. Mary C.E.S. Mount Forest519-323-2586
St. Michael C.E.S. Guelph519-823-2455
St. Patrick C.E.S. Guelph519-822-0200
St. Paul C.E.S. Guelph519-824-9470
St. Peter C.E.S. Guelph519-836-3730