When you visit St. Jacob’s shop, Change Lifestyle and Apparel, you are welcomed as a friend, treated with a hospitality so often missing from the modern retail experience.  The store is the vision of local entrepreneur Dan Vandermolen, who opened his doors this past summer.  CHANGE Lifestyle & Apparel is not the stereotypical clothing store; the concept is based on a deeper philosophy, that Dan sums up in this way “They say it’s better to give than to receive; We say, why not do both?  “Doing both” is part of a global movement known as B Corp, a new kind of business model that balances purpose and profit. This means that B Corps, or Beneficial Corporations, aim to create positive impact on workers, community, customers and the environment.

When you visit CHANGE Lifestyle, you will find clothing made from sustainably sourced materials, like comfy Tencel joggers made from Eucalyptus fibers, or hoodies made from recycled polyester.  Brands sold, like Burton and Cotopaxi are ethical and transparent in their business practices. As Dan explains it, CHANGE Lifestyle is based on the concept of doing business better, advocating for accountability not only in the production of products, but as a consideration for consumers and the choices we make.  “If there was ever a time that we realized how intricately woven together we are, its after this pandemic,” Dan explains. “We can see how much of our world is tied together.” That acknowledgement of our interconnectedness can translate into an opportunity to make intentional choices and align our individual values with our buying decisions. This is the goal at CHANGE Lifestyle & Apparel.

Dan’s commitment to doing business better is having a direct impact in Waterloo Region.  Each quarter Dan is partnering with a local charity and donating 10% of his store’s revenues back to the community.  For the months of October, November and December, Strong Start is privileged to be CHANGE Lifestyle & Apparel’s charity of choice. As the holiday season approaches, be sure to visit the store at 1440 King St N #2, St. Jacobs, or order online at https://www.changeapparel.ca/