The McCormick library is situated in the Sunnydale Community in Waterloo North for easy access to the Get Ready for School program for the families who live in this neighbourhood.  With an easy walk to the facility and lots of room for parents to meet and talk while the program is underway, it is a great chance for everyone to make new friends while their preschoolers attend the program.

*Parents are asked to remain on site during the Get Ready for SchoolTM program.


Contact Information

Address500 Parkside Dr
Waterloo, ON Canada
Phone519-886-1310 ext. 110

GRFS Program Schedule

Start Date01/16/2018
End Date06/21/2018
ClassesTuesday, Thursday
9:15 to 11:15 am
Welcome VisitWeek of 01/08/2018
Parent Meetings02/01/2018
Final VisitWeek of 06/25/2018